Sunday, April 6, 2014

New Vision Tips to Help Read the Game, Slow the Game Down, and Get in the Zone Faster

by Andor Gyulai, Founder and Owner of Volleyball 1 on 1

This week, Andor Gyulai, Owner of, shares some new ideas building on Karch Kiraly, Hugh McCutcheon, and Tom Black ideas as it relates to reading the game in volleyball. The video includes advice Andor researched with Dr. Bill Harrison as it relates to vision that will help your players get in the zone faster as well as slow the game down when playing volleyball.

This video describes some simple concepts from a series of over 50 videos, drills and exercises we filmed as it relates to vision, reading the game and improving athletic performance. Other videos in the series include:
- Important concepts learned from other sports like baseball / football / Ice Hockey to help improve on the court athletic performance
- Understanding how a breakdown in vision is the most common mistake in volleyball
- 20 Indoor drills to improve Vision / reading the game
- 20 Beach drills / Full vision beach volleyball practice to improve vision and reading the game in beach volleyball.
- Drills to increase and improve visual switching (Critical for Reading the Game!)
- Drills to increase improve visual acuity (Critical for Reading the Game!)
- Plus much more…

Volleyball1on1 produced and filmed videos with Bill Harrison to introduce new concepts as it relates to vision and reading the game. Dr Bill Harrison has over 40 Years of work in the field of Athletic Performance and Vision. He has worked with Hall of Famers in the sports of volleyball, baseball, ice hockey, and football.

Visit to access their full library of almost 2000 volleyball coaching skill videos, drills and practice plans for beach and indoor volleyball. Also contact Andor Gyulai directly if you are interested in filming videos and drills for the AVCA with –

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