Friday, April 18, 2014

Two-Time AVCA Coach of the Year Shares NCAA Championship Prep Secrets

by Andor Gyulai, Founder and Owner of Volleyball 1 on 1

This week we want to share some practice insights from one of the most successful coaches in club and college recent history. Bill Ferguson is 2 Time AVCA Coach of the Year for DI NCAA Men’s Volleyball and his volleyball club SCVC is one of the most successful volleyball clubs ever, having won over 31 USA Volleyball Medals. On top of this he is the current coach to the USA Junior National Team.

In this video viewers will get an insider look at one of Bill Ferguson NCAA championship prep secrets as well as other powerful insights on coaching and more. Bill Ferguson picked up this secret from the recent Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl winning coach and former USC Football coach Pete Carroll. 

This is just 1 of 120 videos Volleyball1on1 filmed with Bill Ferguson Coaching. Others videos in the series include:
- Two Full USC Men’s Volleyball Practices
- SCVC Junior Club Practice (2013 USA Club Champs U15 Division)
- Conversations from the office on practice, coaching and more
- Advice on New Ways to Run the Bic Set and Offense
- Full tour of the campus offering insights on the volleyball program
- Plus much more…

Volleyball1on1 produced and filmed these videos with Bill Ferguson to gain new insights on volleyball coaching and hear what top coaches do to be successful. Visit to access their full library of almost 2000 volleyball coaching videos, drills and practice plans for beach and indoor volleyball. Also contact Andor Gyulai directly if you are interested in filming videos and drills for the AVCA with –

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