Friday, June 20, 2014

New Tool To Improve Volleyball Technique and Reduce Volleyball Injuries – Bio Mechanic Tape

by Andor Gyulai, Founder and Owner of Volleyball 1on1

The science of the human bodies has changed dramatically for the better in the last few years and so have the tool. This week we want to highlight a new type of tape that offers new ways to help volleyball players reduce volleyball injuries and improve volleyball technique / form.

This tape is completely unique to traditional athletic tape or kinesiology tape. This tape has an elastic capacity well in excess of 200% as well as it stretches in all directions unlike kineso tape which only stretches in two directions. What this means is the tape can be used like a spring or bungee cord to create and absorb load during athletic movement.

This ability to create and absorb load means it can be used in a number of capacities including injury prevention and changing movement mechanics.

In this video the bio mechanic tape (Dynamic Tape) is used to alter the form of a volleyball player and help teach the player to use more trunk or hips while spiking. As most coaches know trunk rotation / hips is crucial to avoiding volleyball injuries of the shoulder as the muscles can deliver large amounts of force when spiking while reducing the amount of stress on the joints as compared to a player who mainly uses shoulder muscles for power.

Volleyball1on1 has filmed other corrective uses of dynamic tape for improving spiking technique including videos for jumping, trunk stability, opening up the shoulders back to create space to encourage trunk rotation forward and a video for correcting late cocking when spiking.

Other more traditional uses of the tape are for the creation and absorption of load. Because of the elastic or bungee nature of the tape many traditional impact injuries associated with volleyball can be quickly dealt with. Also for more experienced trainers bio tape gives you a new tool you only dreamed of for helping your volleyball athletes.

To see more videos and uses of Dynamic Tape – Bio Tape for Volleyball click the link.


Friday, June 13, 2014

Seven Camera Volleyball Video Demo can Help Improve Motor Skill Learning on Beach Defense

by Andor Gyulai, Founder and Owner of Volleyball 1on1

LAWS OF LEARNING: “I hear I forget, I see I remember, I do I understand” - Chinese Proverb

Motor learning studies have found that movement information is retained in memory in the form of an image. Given this, video demonstrations are a great way to provide the images and accelerate motor learning of volleyball skills.

This week Volleyball1on1 added some new resources for the volleyball community in the form of never before done seven camera angle volleyball video demos. These videos offer a completely new way for players and coaches to consume important fundamentals regarding volleyball skills and technique.

This video features a top AVP Beach Volleyball Pro putting on a skills defensive clinic for the viewers. If you like old school volleyball and enjoy watching some of the greats like Sinjin Smith and Mike Dodd, you are going to love this video.

What we find impressive is movement patterns she uses. Also by filming this from multiple angles and slowing down the play it does not take long for views, be that players or coaches to understand the motor skills needed and thus be able to implement them for themselves.

Volleyball1on1 is in the process of adding and extensive library of volleyball demonstration, how to videos. Most will be filmed with multiple cameras and edited in regular and slow motion in order to help viewers really grasp some tough skills.

From what we have seen so far we think this is going to be a major resources for the volleyball community at large. 

Click Here – For more beach volleyball demo skill videos. This includes videos on passing, setting, spiking, serving, blocking, defense, all the beach shots and much more. Also videos by many top Olympians like Kerri Walsh Jennings, April Ross, Phil Dalhausser, Sean Rosenthal to name just a few. Enjoy!