Friday, July 11, 2014

Advanced Beach Volleyball Strategies, Routes and Blocking Calls

by Andor Gyulai, Founder and Owner of Volleyball 1on1

This video features advanced beach volleyball strategy and demos from some of the top players in the world including Kerri Walsh, April Ross, Casey Patterson, Emanual Rego and Alison.  Viewers will learn new ways on running both offense and defensive strategy as well as learn easy to use, applicable ideas to see results on the beach.

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Saturday, July 5, 2014

New Solutions / Science to Solving Common Volleyball Injuries Including Knee, Back, Shoulder, and Ankle Injuries

by Andor Gyulai, Founder and Owner of Volleyball 1on1

If you are like me, you are constantly looking for better ways to deal with knee and back pain from playing and coaching volleyball. At 38 approaching 40 and looking to play in the Olympics, I knew I needed to find new solutions for dealing with common patellar tendonitis (Jumpers knee) and back pain. 

Well new advancements in the science of taping may offer solutions to these plus other common volleyball injuries. A new tape called bio-mechanic tape has just hit the market, and this tape acts like a bungee cord tied to the body. This means the tape on your body can be used to absorb and create load, thus having huge impacts when jumping, spiking, blocking, or aggressively moving in volleyball.

This is different than any tape on the market and applied differently than kinesio tape or athletic tape. If you are a player, coach, or trainer, this is an incredible new tool that offers allot of new solutions when dealing with volleyball. Click the Link to see more videos and uses of Dynamic Tape.

As a volleyball player you know how much patellar tendonitis and osgood-schlatter hurts. In this video we share an easy to use taping technique that will reduce load on the knee and significantly reduce pain for most people.

In the next video we discuss taping techniques to help with back pains from playing volleyball. This simple technique covers many of the most common back pain problems and will help reduce load on the back while playing.

In this video we discuss an easy taping technique for volleyball shoulder injuries. What we like about this technique is that it is useful for a wide variety of pains and aliments as well as is easy enough for parents coaches and other players to do.

The science of the human bodies has changed dramatically for the better in the last few years and so have the tool. This tape is completely unique to traditional athletic tape or kinesiology tape. This tape has an elastic capacity well in excess of 200% as well as it stretches in all directions unlike kineso tape which only stretches in two directions. This ability to stretch / create and absorb load means it can be used in a number of capacities including injury prevention and changing movement mechanics.

To see more videos and uses of Dynamic Tape – Bio Tape for Volleyball click the link.