Friday, January 29, 2016

Coach Your Brains Out!

by Andrew Fuller, USA Volleyball Beach Coach

My good pals have been churning out coaching gold since they started the volleyball coaching podcast, Coach Your Brains Out (@coachyourbrain). Hosts John Mayer (MVP of the AVP, head coach for LMU Beach Volleyball), Billy Allen (AVP Pro, head coach for Mizuno Beach Volleyball Club) and Nils Nielsen (Indoor and AVP Pro, head coach for Windward High School in Los Angeles) have pulled in some phenomenal guests - Phil Dalhausser, Joe Trinsey, April Ross, Trevor Ragan, and Ryan Doherty. The episodes are quick (less than 30 minutes), you can find it all on iTunes, and without further ado heres a sampling of five of their favorite episodes:

1. DON'T MAKE EXCUSES - A Tribute to Kerri Walsh and April Ross

After watching April Ross and an injured Kerri Walsh-Jennings's run through the Long Beach World Series of Beach Volleyball, in which Kerri was serving underhand and hitting left-handed, we were inspired to do an episode on Excuses. Why we make them and how they limit us. April's Full Interview:

Danny Kinda Teaches Heart


2. DESIGNING PRACTICE Parts 1 + 2 - with Trevor Ragan

Preparing a great practice plan is hard. So to point us in the right direction we brought in the big gun, Trevor Ragan (@train_ugly and, to share his philosophies on practice and of course some Growth Mindset and Tiger Talk. R.E.F.F. = Reps, Engagement, Focus, Feedback

3. STATISTICAL ANALYSIS - with Joe Trinsey

We talked numbers with the technical coordinator for the women's national team, Joe Trinsey. Joe brings a lot of experience as a volleyball coach and also a podcast host of the VolleyCast ( Joe's articles we discuss:

4. FEAR OF FAILURE - with Ty Tramblie

We talk with special guest, AVP star Ty Tramblie about fear of failure and getting in your own head. Remember, mistakes are how we learn so enjoy the process. Talent Code Article -


Are you ball watching or are you reading? Get a glimpse into the future by listening to this episode. Ronaldo Test (We discuss what happens at 6:40)...

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