Thursday, February 18, 2016

Are Elite Camps a Thing of the Past?

by Kyrsten Becker, Assistant Coach - Morehead State University

While working a club camp does not count as recruiting, no one can deny that being on court with recruits is exposure you may not otherwise get.  Many clubs have multi-day elite camps, where college coaches are hired as camp coaches.  The players get high-level training, college coaches get to work with young volleyball players, and everyone benefits.

The question is… How much is everyone benefiting, and are they benefiting equally?

In an attempt to take recruiting out of camps and level the playing field, new legislation has been proposed.  The intent is “to specify that an institution’s coach or non-coaching staff member with volleyball specific duties may only be employed only at his/her institution’s camps or clinics, or at other institutional camps or clinics.”

Essentially, coaches could no longer work club or high school camps, and only work camps for colleges.  Football has already adopted a similar rule, to prevent college coaches from flying all over the country in an effort to get an “in” with recruits. 

- Removes recruiting advantages for those able to work camp vs. those who cannot.
- Frees up more time to focus on your team.
- Reduces travel for coaches.

- Volunteers, Director of Operations, and other staff may lose supplemental income and networking opportunities.
- Limits recruiting exposure for athletes who cannot afford to travel to college camps.
- Reduces educational opportunities for coaches and players.

Just like any possible legislation changes there are a myriad of pro’s and con’s.  With this rule being proposed for all of Division I, not just the Power 5, there are strong opinions on both sides.  If it’s important to you, make sure to voice your opinion with your compliance.  This rule could have huge ramifications!


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